FAQ: Here’s Why You Should Select Oil Heat

Isn't heating oil expensive?
Actually, no. According to the United States Department of Energy, home owners have spent less on oil than gas for most of the past 20 years now.
How dependable is heating oil?
Extremely. You’ll have the ability to control, utilize, and conserve your own supply. The best part is that you can do it all right on your property.
Will my family be safe?
Yes. Heating oil is very safe and not flammable. In fact, oil heat would need to be heated to 140 degrees and converted into a vapor before it could ever ignite. We certainly can’t say the same about gas heat.
What can you tell me about emission rates?
Heating oil has low emissions. Thanks to modern oil heat systems, they’re down to nearly zero percent. Recently, Bioheat was introduced and that dropped them even more.
Why should I choose an oil provider over gas?
Instead of large corporations, oil providers are often small dealers who work hard to earn customer’s trust. Many times, local oil customers can receive great discounts.

Quality oil

When you select us, you can know that you’re receiving top grade oil.

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Consider automatic delivery

Register for automatic delivery services from County Energy Products for a worry free heating season.
( automatic delivery is not a guarentee. It is the customers sole responsibility to visually check their fuel level to ensure tank doesn’t run dry )

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